Multiple users and logins is on our roadmap. At the moment, you can either:

  • Login via Magic URL: This will send an email with a link to your inbox. Clicking this will take you to your LocationIQ dashboard
  • Sign-in via Google: This is a 1-2 click login and will use your Google account to sign in
  • Sign-in via password: This has to be opted in. You can do so by generating a password from your LocationIQ dasboard

Sign-in via password is the best approach if you want to share the dashboard with multiple people. You can do this by following steps below:

  • Log-in to your LocationIQ dashboard
  • Navigate the to 'Account Details' tab
  • Click 'Set a password'
  • You will be taken to a separate page where you will have to input your desired password
  • Click Submit
  • You will now be able to login with your email + password combination